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Creating Animal-free Dairy Using Precision Fermentation

DairyX's precision fermentation technology efficiently ​produces the functional proteins in milk, the casein ​micelles, crucial for mimicking traditional dairy ​products' taste and nutritional value.

By combining advanced biological methods, evolution, ​and computational modeling, DairyX aims to offer ​sustainable, health-conscious dairy alternatives that ​meet consumer expectations, driving the industry ​towards a more

sustainable future.

Our Process


We use food-safe yeast and turn them into super-secretors to ​make functional caseins instead of cows

Casein micelles

We reconstitute the caseins into casein micelles, the critical ​protein structures in milk that enable the production of dairy ​products

Pieces of Cheese

Functional gel

The casein micelles are validated for their capability to gelate, ​making sure they will be good for making traditional dairy ​products

Dairy CPGs

The dried casein micelles are sold to dairy CPGs to be used as a ​raw material for the production of traditional dairy products

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We harness the power of ​evolution to make the most ​efficient casein-secreting yeast ​ever

Our team

Dr. Arik Ryvkin

Founder & CEO

Dr. Maya Bar-Zeev

Head of DSP & Product ​Development

Dr. Evgeniya Feygina

Scientist in Strain Development

Prof. Yoav Livney

Chief Scientific Product ​Advisor

Dr. Neil Dalvie

Chief Scientific Strain Advisor

Contact us

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Hi Tech Village, BioGiv, ​Edmond J. Safra Campus (Givat-​Ram), Jerusalem, 9270403, Israel

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