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Creating Animal-free Dairy Using Precision Fermentation

DairyX's precision fermentation technology efficiently produces the functional proteins in milk, the casein micelles, crucial for mimicking traditional dairy products' taste and nutritional value.

By combining advanced biological methods, evolution, and computational modeling, DairyX aims to offer sustainable, health-conscious dairy alternatives that meet consumer expectations, driving the industry towards a more

sustainable future.

Our Process


We use food-safe yeast and turn them into super-secretors to make functional caseins instead of cows

Casein micelles

We reconstitute the caseins into casein micelles, the critical protein structures in milk that enable the production of dairy products

Pieces of Cheese

Functional gel

The casein micelles are validated for their capability to gelate, making sure they will be good for making traditional dairy products

Dairy CPGs

The dried casein micelles are sold to dairy CPGs to be used as a raw material for the production of traditional dairy products

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We harness the power of evolution to make the most efficient casein-secreting yeast ever

Our team

Dr. Arik Ryvkin

Founder & CEO

Dr. Maya Bar-Zeev

Head of DSP & Product Development

Dr. Evgeniya Feygina

Scientist in Strain Development

Prof. Yoav Livney

Chief Scientific Product Advisor

Dr. Neil Dalvie

Chief Scientific Strain Advisor

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Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Hi Tech Village, BioGiv, Edmond J. Safra Campus (Givat-Ram), Jerusalem, 9270403, Israel

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